Last Night – A sigh from my heart and mind

Somedays i feel the need to put into words things i see, think, feel or wish… Most of the times i find that the result is dissapointing for me but a few times it´s ok.

I would like to share one of my “poems”, this is called Last Night and was written april 21st of 2008. All opinions are welcome and please forgive my grammar mistakes and let me know so i can correct them.

Last night I prayed and you were in my thoughts  

I felt the weight of the pain of the world and

became smaller than a fragment of sand

How can my heart be so full of love

and my hands be so empty?

I asked God if it was true than even the tiniest thing

can change the course of one life

but it was you who had the answer

It was you who never stop believing

and your faith was unbreakable

Last night I stared at the stars as

i renewed my hope in tomorrow

I was  standing at the edge of my fears

and I heard your voice, 

like a nocturne whisper,

saying don’t give up 

So I prayed like every night and I recalled

the last moment I saw the light in your eyes

It hurts so much to see you

give out your heart and no one cares

So I asked God if He had a plan for us

but you think we already know the answer

It was you all along who had his hands open

and your faith remains unbreakable.


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