The Question of Love

Lately i´ve been thinking a lot about love. 

Will i ever find it? is it possible to be happy without having that special someone to share the days of your life?….

Through my life i´ve met so many people, i´ve seen them in relationships and break ups, struggling with feelings and the reality of living every day; and sometimes i feel like love is not a guarantee for happyness and that love is a job that needs so much effort if we want to make it work. The question is if the work, the pain and the heartbreak is worth ….

Is it true that somewhere outhere there´s that person who is the mirror of your soul, THE ONE, your true love or is it just a myth?    

Sometimes i´m perfectly comfortable living my life on my own, but other days i need something more…

I need to feel like a song,maybe like this one:


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