A Goodbye – Writting from my heart and mind

There are so many songs I can not write

There are so many songs in my heart I dare not to sing

like I could bleed my love on every note

and close my eyes and see life as it is without you

So I stand still in this lonely room with

the forgotten piano that filled the summer’s night

with the melody we danced under the stars.


I just look upon the sky and wonder quietly

who gets to kiss your eyes when you’re falling asleep?

I sit by the window and feel your presence

on every life awaken outside

because you’ll live in me for always

but there’s nothing I can do but let you go now.


As you slowly vanish away, I can only recall …

You were everything my world needed to keep still,

You were my only inspiration and my truth above all

now you´re gone and I’m left with fragments of a life

until you can find some peace at heart and

I can find a reason to smile and let me fall into eternity.

 Written By LilleCiel on 2009














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