Wait a minute Doc, Are you telling me you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?

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Did i mention that i´m a nerd? a geek? a wierdo? well, here´s more proof of that. Sometime ago a a big store in Argentina came up with an advertising campaign using the image of Doc Brown for Back To The Future and brought Christopher Lloyd and the mighty De Lorean to Buenos Aires to shoot the commercial.  

I was kinda sad that i didn´t get to see the car when it was on display on one of the stores branches because i didn´t find out soon enough. Well, imagine my surprise when this morning i opened my e mail account and read an e mail from the store ( i bought a computer for my nephews months ago and they asked me for my e mail then) saying the most famous time machine was on the local branch in my city!!!! 

isn´t this just wonderful?


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