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Top 5 – Best Christmas Songs

Here´s my 2011 list of best Christmas songs, enjoy!

1. It Came Upon  a Midnight Clear- Josh Groban, Noël

2. Little Drummer Boy- Josh Groban, Noël 

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Frank Sinatra

4. I Believe – Andrea Bocelli, My Christmas

5. All i Want for Christmas is You – Love Actually Soundtrack 






Wait a minute Doc, Are you telling me you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?

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Did i mention that i´m a nerd? a geek? a wierdo? well, here´s more proof of that. Sometime ago a a big store in Argentina came up with an advertising campaign using the image of Doc Brown for Back To The Future and brought Christopher Lloyd and the mighty De Lorean to Buenos Aires to shoot the commercial.  

I was kinda sad that i didn´t get to see the car when it was on display on one of the stores branches because i didn´t find out soon enough. Well, imagine my surprise when this morning i opened my e mail account and read an e mail from the store ( i bought a computer for my nephews months ago and they asked me for my e mail then) saying the most famous time machine was on the local branch in my city!!!! 

isn´t this just wonderful?

A truly gifted kid –

I see this kid and all i can think of is how this is the work of God, and how He chooses to give us His gifts through the arts. I hope we can see more of this child in the future because in this world where we are constantly watching horrible things, we need to rest our souls in the beauty that still exists and remaind ourselves of the love that is above all.   

I´m so much like you, Mafalda



El miedo juega a las escondidas
me sorprende cuando menos lo espero
Cuando abro mis manos y la esperanza escapa
como una mariposa frágil en su último vuelo.
Veo la luz que parte detrás de los cristales cansados
y los párpados pesan como el agua del mar
que corre dentro mio sin salida.
Tendida bajo el cielo, el miedo abraza
y no hay sonrisas ni colores pero aún hay tiempo,
tiempo de vencer al miedo
LilleCiel, 27/10/11 

Top 5 most emotional movie songs

In no particular order, this songs made me cry and touched me. Here it goes:

1. Now We Are Free, Lisa Gerrard from the Gladiator soundtrack.

2.  Into The West, Annie Lennox from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy soundtrack

3. Cinema Paradiso,  Ennio Moricone from the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack

4. For Always, Josh Groban and Lara Fabian from the Artificial Intelligence soundtrack

5. Chevalier de Sangreal, Hans Zimmer from the Da Vinci Code soundtrack


Sweet Whale Tales from Puerto Madryn

Lol! i´m not a good drawer but who cares…. i´m gonna take a bite from the one in the middle.