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The reason why i named my blog after a Josh Groban´s song

It´s not a surprise that i named my blog after a song, after all i breath music more than air… and i my life was mavie the soundtrack would be Josh Groban´s music. From the very first time i saw him opened his mouth ( in Ally Mc Beal)  i felt in love with his music and for many years To Where You Are, Se and You´re Still You where my songs to connect with my emotions and set my feelings free. 
Years later i found all his other cds and it was musical heaven but Illuminations was the one that hit my heart like a straight arrow.  Listening to his song, i´ve got a glimpse of his mind, heart and soul and the result was overwhelming…
One of the songs that moved me the most was If i Walk Away, such a simply request… like he was saying don´t let me alone… just If i Walk Away, Please follow Me…  
When i started this blog i really had no idea what i would talk about here but there was a need inside me to show a piece of me, my mind, my views…  Once it was ready all i needed was a name so like Josh … i wanted to tell you to stay with me and hang in.  

Top 5 – Best Christmas Songs

Here´s my 2011 list of best Christmas songs, enjoy!

1. It Came Upon  a Midnight Clear- Josh Groban, Noël

2. Little Drummer Boy- Josh Groban, Noël 

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Frank Sinatra

4. I Believe – Andrea Bocelli, My Christmas

5. All i Want for Christmas is You – Love Actually Soundtrack 





@JoshGroban have u seen the new 7 wonders? watch this #Argentina

The Iguazu Waterfalls, in Misiones was recently chosen to become one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  The beauty of my country takes my breath away…

Something So Perfect…


Yet we failed to see it… This our home and it´s alive! no more words….



A truly gifted kid –

I see this kid and all i can think of is how this is the work of God, and how He chooses to give us His gifts through the arts. I hope we can see more of this child in the future because in this world where we are constantly watching horrible things, we need to rest our souls in the beauty that still exists and remaind ourselves of the love that is above all.   

@joshgroban can i steal a smile from you with #LesLuthiers?

Here´s the 2011 Latin Grammy winners to Musical Excelency. Enjoy! 


God is always there

What i love about this song is how no matter how bad life ir gets we can always find something, someone to hold on to and through that our hope and faith is renewed. Yeah, Love is where we find God. Pure Love.